Climate Emergency Alliance

In September 2021, a transformative alliance of climate voters took shape. Together, we ensured that the climate emergency was the top issue for voters across the country. We elected 7 climate champions who can change the status quo of Canada’s climate inaction. And we proved that championing bold climate action is a game-changing political strategy.

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Let’s remember that Trudeau called this election because he was sure that he could win a majority. Given the Liberal government’s climate record, we know that would have been a devastating outcome. This election result gives our movement more power to push for a cross-partisan effort to tackle the climate emergency. And we have no time to waste.

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Climate Champions







On September 20th 2021, we saw how powerful it is when climate voters unite behind champions who can change the status quo of climate inaction in Canada. In total, we elected 7 climate champions: Laurel Collins, Elizabeth May, Matthew Green, Leah Gazan, Peter Julian, Richard Cannings and Blake Desjarlais. In Edmonton Griesbach, climate-concerned voters across party lines united to unseat notable Conservative climate denier Kerry Diotte and elect one of our endorsed climate champions, Blake Desjarlais. Running as a first time political contender, Desjarlais built a powerful grassroots movement to connect with thousands of Albertans around a new way forward for workers and communities.