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Melissa Chung-Mowat

NDP candidate for Winnipeg North


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One of Justin Trudeau’s loyal lieutenants, Winnipeg-North Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux has been in office for more than a decade. In that time, he’s never once championed real climate action, seeming to only speak on it in order to defend his party’s lacklustre approach. But, while Lamoureux is about as typical a politician as you can imagine, Melissa Chung-Mowat is anything but. Raised by her Métis mother and the daughter of a Chinese immigrant father, she knows firsthand the struggles and sacrifices that Indigenous peoples and new Canadians face. With deep roots in her community, she’s committed to bold climate action and a Green New Deal for all.

















We’ve endorsed Melissa Chung-Mowat in a Key Battleground riding. Key battlegrounds are close races where climate champions have the potential to defeat Liberal climate delayers and Conservative climate deniers.

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