No Donate Pledge Toolkit

Thanks for taking the “No Donate Pledge” and promising not to donate to the NDP or Greens until their party leaders give a clear, public response to our demand.

Here’s a toolkit of what to say if you’re contacted by the NDP or Green Party:

Responding to a fundraising email from the NDP or Green party


Dear [Name of Email Sender],

Thank you for your message, unfortunately, at this time I’m unable to donate to support your efforts as your party leader has yet to respond to the thousands of messages they have been sent calling for the formation of a Climate Emergency Alliance.

We can’t afford to wait for the kind of bold climate action we need, and the best way to get it is with an alliance between the NDP and the Green Party to put passing bold climate legislation at the top of the political agenda.
This Alliance would elect more climate champions to the House of Commons, and change the conversation on climate change in Canada, ending the Liberal bad vs. Conservative worse status quo we’re trapped in.

I look forward to hearing from your party leader on this important issue. You, and they, can find more information at

Your Name

Responding to a fundraising phone call from the NDP or Green party

Thanks for the call!

Unfortunately I’ll have to politely decline to donate at this time as I’ve signed onto the Climate Emergency Alliance pledge not to donate to your party until we get a clear answer on whether or not they’re open to supporting a Climate Emergency Alliance.

This Alliance between the Green Party and the NDP is our best hope to elect climate champions and pass the kind of legislation we need. We can’t afford four more years of Trudeau’s half measures, or a Liberal bad vs. Conservative worse status quo. 

I will be happy to consider donating once your party leader has answered the thousands of calls for this Alliance and hope you’ll pass that message along to the party.

You can also find more information at 

Thanks for your time. 

Responding to a donation request on social media posted by the NDP or Green party

Sorry, but without a clear plan for how you will deliver climate action at the scale of this crisis, I can’t donate. I and hundreds of others have taken the Climate Emergency Alliance pledge not to donate until you give a clear answer on if your party leader is open to forming an alliance to tackle the climate crisis at the pace and scale we need. You can find out more at

Let us know how you did by sending us a text at 647-370-8111 or emailing us at