No Decision, No Donation

No Donate Pledge

Neither Jagmeet Singh nor Annamie Paul have responded to our calls for a Climate Emergency Alliance. With the climate crisis raging across the country and around the world, we need to ramp up the pressure and make it impossible for party leaders to ignore us. That’s why we’re inviting people across the country to take a “No Donate Pledge” and promise not to donate to the NDP or Greens until their party leaders give a clear, public response to our demand.

Take the pledge


What if I haven’t donated to either party before?

That’s ok! You can still take the pledge. We are trying to organize as many people as possible in support of this campaign — that means existing and potential donors. Once you sign the pledge, you should sign up for the NDP and Green Party email lists so you can respond to their requests for donations with our request to form a Climate Emergency Alliance. Details on how to do this are in the email you’ll receive when you sign the pledge.

What do I say if I’m asked to donate to one of the two parties?

We have prepared a toolkit to support you with responding to fundraising requests from both parties. Click here to check it out or take the pledge and we will e-mail it to you right away.