As you might have heard, we’re on the cusp of an election. Rumours are that a federal election will be called either this weekend or next weekend and we could head to the polls by mid-September. 

Elections are always important, but this year, with extreme heat, wildfires and flooding bringing the reality of the climate crisis home to so many people across Canada, it’s all the more important. That’s why I’m writing to you today with an update on our election plans.

As you know, a few months ago we launched a campaign calling on the Green Party and the NDP to form a Climate Emergency Alliance. Our theory, based on exhaustive research and modelling, was that only by working together could parties with stronger climate ambition than our current government win enough seats to deliver on climate. 

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the only people to embrace this idea were voters, grassroots party organizers and a few candidates who truly understand the scale of this crisis and the need for bold, ambitious solutions. The party leaders and their advisors put partisan politics ahead of a bold climate vision.

That’s why we’re shifting from calling for a Climate Emergency Alliance between the NDP and Greens to building a Climate Emergency Voting Alliance. Because, like all the best ideas in politics, this one is going to have to come from the bottom up.

Instead of asking the parties to come together to elect climate champions, we’re going to do it ourselves, building a cross-Canada voting alliance to back the kind of bold, ambitious climate action we need.

Here’s the plan: 

First, we’re going to make sure that the climate emergency is a top issue this election. Building off the success of last week’s On Fire Day of Action, we’re going to mobilize again in the coming weeks to bring out thousands of people across the country to make it clear to politicians from coast to coast that they can’t hide from this unfolding climate crisis. Then, we’ll use this momentum to push politicians and parties to up their climate ambition. 

Then, we’re going to rally behind true climate champions who have a chance of unseating the climate deniers and climate delayers who are utterly failing to meet the climate emergency in government. 

We believe building a Climate Emergency Voting Alliance from the bottom-up is a winning strategy. We know we can’t rely on politicians and party insiders. But we can rise above partisan divides and party infighting, and focus on building the people power we need to elect climate champions this fall, and hold every MP accountable after the election. 

We’ll share more about this plan in the coming days along with ways to get involved once the election is called, but for the time being we wanted to make sure you know what we’re thinking and how our plans are evolving in response to developments over the past few months.

Together, we can make this election count.



Photo Credit: Wen Chan