Yesterday, Climate Action Tracker – a global body responsible for expert scientific reviews of climate plans around the world – released a new analysis that Trudeau’s climate record and ambition is “highly insufficient” and in line with 4ºC+ of warming. To put that in context, the raging wildfires that we experienced this summer were driven by just over 1ºC of warming. 4ºC of warming is almost unthinkably dangerous.

Here’s what the report had to say:

Canada has been feeling the brunt of climate impacts, with deadly heat waves and devastating forest fires on its West Coast. Recent climate policy developments, while positive, are insufficient to address the climate crisis. The country’s new and stronger 2030 target is not quite Paris compatible. Its revised climate plan and additional measures announced in the 2021 federal budget are insufficient to meet that target. Canada continues to face challenges in implementing policies. We estimate that Canada has missed its 2020 target, even with the pandemic emissions drop. The Trudeau government has called an election for September 20, giving Canadians the opportunity to have their say on the state of climate action in the country.

Click here to read the Climate Action Tracker analysis in full. 

Right now, this news isn’t breaking through in the election campaign. Most people in Canada are seeing ads, backed by millions of dollars in Liberal spending, telling them that Justin Trudeau is a climate leader. Trudeau and the Liberals are spending millions in advertising costs to hide the fact that Canada has the worst climate record in the G7. We need to change that. Can you help by sharing this blog?

If we flood our networks with this news and make sure that our friends, family, and communities know the truth – that Liberal climate delay is putting us on a path to dangerous warming – we can make the case for electing real climate champions. 

There are less than 4 days until polls open, and after the summer of heat, fires, smoke and flooding we experienced across this country, we need to make sure that we’re electing real climate champions. To do that, we need the public to know the truth about Justin Trudeau’s failure to tackle the climate crisis.  We can do that by ensuring this new report is seen by as many people as possible. 

Together, we can make it happen.