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Blake Desjarlais

NDP candidate for Edmonton Griesbach


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A Métis activist in Edmonton, Desjarlais is facing off against Kerry Diotte. For years, Diotte opposed federal climate action, including speaking at an anti-carbon tax rally in 2016 organized and supported by a number of notable climate deniers and denial groups, including Ezra Levant and Friends of Science. Meanwhile, he’s done nothing to support workers and communities through a just transition, instead spending his time and energy trying to prop up Big Oil. Blake has built a powerful ground game in Edmonton Griesbach, knocking on hundreds of doors and speaking to Albertans about what a just transition would look like for them. Surrounded by a sea of blue, Blake stands a good chance of becoming Alberta’s second NDP MP and shaping policy in Ottawa that finally puts the needs of Alberta communities ahead of oil and gas CEOs.
















We’ve endorsed Blake Desjarlais in a Key Battleground riding. Key battlegrounds are close races where climate champions have the potential to defeat Liberal climate delayers and Conservative climate deniers.

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