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We’re in a climate emergency.  Canadian politicians are failing to lead with courage to tackle this crisis. That’s why we’re building a Climate Emergency Voters Alliance to elect climate champions in the upcoming federal election and hold them accountable after voting day. 

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The climate emergency is at our doorstep and our politicians refuse to lead with courage to tackle this crisis. That’s why we’re building an unprecedented alliance of cross-partisan voters who will rally behind true climate champions who can change the status quo of political inaction on the climate crisis.

Let’s build the people power we need to elect climate champions this fall, and hold every single MP accountable to bold action on the climate crisis after the election.

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350 Canada's Candidate Endorsements

There are no endorsed candidates in your riding. Here's a list of endorsed candidates near you in

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We’re organizing to elect climate champions in and we need your help. Sign up and we’ll follow up with how you can plug into the campaign.

Unfortunately, there are no endorsed candidates near you - please consider donating to an inspiring climate champion in another riding! Check out the parties' climate platforms, make sure to vote and prepare to hold your next MP accountable on climate.

350 Canada’s endorsed candidates are bold leaders who we believe will push the envelope and take risks in Parliament to champion action on the climate emergency. So far, we’ve released our 3 round of endorsements. To learn more about why we’ve endorsed these candidates, check out our blogs.

Our Plan

One September 9th 2021, we held a Climate Emergency Voters Alliance E-Rally where we shared our plans to bring real change to Canada’s climate politics in this election. If you missed it, check out this recording:


Is Justin Trudeau taking climate change seriously?

No. Trudeau has taken some action on climate change but it’s nowhere near the scale of action required. Trudeau hasn’t reduced emissions. His Climate Accountability Legislation sets climate targets that are far below what experts say is Canada’s fair share. He’s broken his promise to deliver a Just Transition Act, and his government has spent billions on subsidies for Big Oil and bought a pipeline that Canada’s own federal agencies say is incompatible with climate action. Basically, Trudeau’s approach to climate action is like building half of a bridge. It’s something, but it’s not getting you where you need to go.

What happened to your campaign for a Green-NDP Climate Emergency Alliance?

A few months ago we launched a campaign calling on the Green Party and the NDP to form a Climate Emergency Alliance. Our theory, based on exhaustive research and modelling, was that only by working together could parties with stronger climate ambition than our current government win enough seats to deliver on climate.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the only people to embrace this idea were voters, grassroots party organizers and a few candidates who truly understand the scale of this crisis and the need for bold, ambitious solutions. The party leaders and their advisors put partisan politics ahead of a bold climate vision.

That’s why we’re shifting from calling for a Climate Emergency Alliance between the NDP and Greens to building a Climate Emergency Voting Alliance. Because, like all the best ideas in politics, this one is going to have to come from the bottom up.

Instead of asking the parties to come together to elect climate champions, we’re going to do it ourselves, building a cross-Canada voting alliance to back the kind of bold, ambitious climate action we need.




September 14, 2021 – 350 Canada Releases New Election Ad Urging Voters to Back Climate Champions

For Immediate Release

Ads highlighting Liberal climate delay to run on TV across Canada

Toronto, ON – Starting last night, television ads started running across Canada urging voters to back climate champions when they cast their ballots on September 20.

“For too long, voters across Canada have been told they need to choose between climate delay and climate denial. This time, we need to change the script,” Amara Possian, Campaigns Director with 350 Canada said. “This election, there are real climate champions running in ridings across the country, and we need to rally behind them to send MPs to Ottawa who will treat the climate crisis like the emergency it is”.

The short ad, created by climate change organization 350 Canada, highlights concerns over Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party’s handling of the climate crisis. … read more


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